Boy George Comes to Ireland in Search of His Roots

Boy George examines his ancestral history in an engaging, poignant episode of a popular reality show that traces the roots of it participants, resulting in celebrities finding out some surprising facts about the past.

The show, called “Who Do You Think You Are?” is broadcast on BBC One. Born George O’Dowd in1961, Boy George is a singer, known for well known 80s hits ” Karma Chameleon,” which sold 1.5 million copies, and “Time”. He came to prominence as lead singer for the Culture Club pop music band.

Boy George was born in England to parents of Irish heritage. Travelling to Ireland to trace his roots, he discovered that the British executed his great-uncle, a member of the IRA, for taking part in a rebellion. It was a particularly moving moment, and upon receiving the information, he sang a heartfelt rendition of an Irish rebel song.

The show’s producers also delved into the singer’s grandmother’s experience as a child. In Dublin, the six-year-old began living away from her parents. She spent 10 years at an industrial school after she was found on the Dublin streets alone. Ireland’s industrial schools were first established in 1868 and took in orphaned or abandoned children.

The discoveries about his ancestry overwhelmed the singer, and he described some of the revelations as “amazing.”

This season’s lineup of celebrities featured on the show, include Lee Mack, Olivia Coleman, and Michelle Keegan. The show is popular because its audience enjoys following the history of their favourite celebrities.

Since 2004, “Who Do You Think You Are?” has traced the genealogy of numerous celebrities. With a viewership of more than 6 million, more than 10 countries have secured rights to the show.

Boy George and Culture Club were scheduled to perform in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania on July 29, on Stage AE, with the Thompson Twins and Tim Bailey.