Brexit Fuels Ireland’s Tourism Boom

Brexit is sparking an influx of new tourists, as the resulting weaker pound makes travel more attractive to vacationers. Tourism to Ireland is up, with a 10 percent increase in travellers from North America fueling the boom that’s seen a 6.7 percent overall increase in tourists from overseas.

British residents increased travel to Ireland by more than 2 percent. In a statement, Neil Gibbons, Tourism Ireland’s top executive, expressed appreciation for the increase in tourism from Britain. He is cautious, noting increased tourism numbers are not necessarily a trend. Britain’s weakening pound, initially discouraged Brits from travel. British travel declined, because the weak currency made travel more expensive. New data shows that trend is reversing.

Ireland and Northern Ireland share a border, which helps to boost Ireland’s tourism since more than one out of three of Ireland’s tourists come through Northern Ireland, a region of Britain. New air routes from North America enhance the tourism numbers, making Ireland easier to visit.

German and Italian tourists contributed to the increase in Ireland’s tourism numbers. The number of German visitors increased by 21.2 percent and the number of Italian visitors increased by 14 percent.

Non-residents came to Ireland in more than 1.9 million trips, during the first quarter of 2018. This sparks a significant increase in tourism revenue, during the same time frame, to more than 1 billion euros, according to Ireland’s office that reports statistical trends.

Tourism Ireland spends heavily on advertising and marketing to increase tourism from Europe and North America. Annual tourism generates yearly revenues of nearly 6 billion euros in Ireland.

If you’re planning a trip to enjoy Ireland’s beautiful coastline and world-class accommodations, this may be the perfect time to make your vacation happen. Visits to Ireland hit a record high last year, with a slight increase in the number of nights visitors stay in the country.