Bride Escapes Harm in Horrific Helicopter Crash

Weigh your options carefully, before choosing a helicopter to ride to your wedding. A Brazilian bride escaped death, in May, when the helicopter carrying her to the wedding fell out of the sky, crashing to the ground. The bride and other passengers survived, crawling to safety, before the helicopter burst into flames.

According to Globo, a Brazilian news outlet, four passengers from the plane survived. Fire crews got to the site to see the bride and other passengers reaching safety. The bride had no injuries, unlike the other passengers who had minor cuts and bruises. The wedding continued as planned. The happy couple refused to let a burning helicopter change the wedding plans.

The charred remains of the broken, burned and destroyed helicopter was just metres from the couple, as they continued with the ceremony. It’s not the first time that a helicopter crashed on the way to a wedding. In 2016, a different bride died, with three others, when the chopper that she rented to carry her to the wedding crashed. Rosemiere Nascimento died in her wedding gown, with the groom in shock at the altar, after he was informed. He was unaware that the bride chose the helicopter arrival. She wanted to surprise him.

Helicopter arrivals are a growing trend for weddings, with more and more brides choosing to fly to the ceremony. Transportation is an important part of the wedding planning. Brides sometimes choose a signature vehicle, or even a boat, instead of a standard limo. Planning a grand helicopter entrance can run up to a grand or more. Some wedding planners think the helicopter adds a classy element to the ceremony.

If choosing this option, don’t skimp on the price. Get the best operators in the business to carry you to the wedding ceremony. Cheque the operator’s history, because some helicopter companies have spotty records. You should find out, if the company has crashed and burned in the past.