Casinos Ramp Up Marketing to Attract Millenials

The number of gamblers is dropping. Casinos are rolling the dice on new and innovative ways to attract the younger generation, including newlyweds.

Older generations play slot machines, but millennials Tattoos-martial-arts-poker-Casinos-wooing-millennials.html are not that into it. Some casinos are hoping that a slot, video game combo will reel in the 20- to 39-year old age range. The number of gamblers in this range is dismally low, down millions in recent years. A decline in the number of gamblers means decreased revenues. So, casinos are trying to figure out what it will take to lure this generation, focusing on several options, like video games requiring skills. These games are entertainment-focused but have a gambling component.

Competition is stiff for new gamblers. in most countries, casinos still use the usually tricks of the trade to lure new customers, including giving priority to the local gamblers Ruby Fortune who are likely to return. They also market musical guests and dining options to attract customers who would not normally gamble. Casinos give customers reasonable pricing for accommodations because they expect the customer will spend extra money gambling.

It’s a business that has a plan for profitability. Casinos are adept at relationship management, keeping track of customers and specific needs. For newlyweds, casinos offer promotions, such as cash back or discounts. Some casinos have exquisite banquet halls for couples who hold a wedding at the casino. Booking weddings creates opportunities for casinos to market to wedding guests and grow its customer base.

Casinos are transitioning from just gambling to a diverse industry offering leisure activities which entice the gamers to return to the casino. From complimentary meals to elaborate sweepstakes, casinos are ramping up the marketing game to keep losses at a minimum. Owners are doing whatever it takes to pull in more gamblers, so that the house always wins.