Experience an enchanting castle wedding in Ireland. From picturesque country landscapes to luxurious hotel decor, a castle wedding provides comfort and charm, combined with the ambiance of royal grandeur. Ireland has several historical castles to choose from that have modern amenities.

Dromoland Castle boasts of stunning interiors and an atmosphere fit for nobility. The castle, built more than 1,000 years ago, once belonged to Brian Boru, a former Irish King. Today the castle’s remarkable bedrooms and awe-inspiring views epitomise grace and charm. The succulent cuisine and Irish warmth makes Dromoland Castle a perfect destination to consider for wedding festivities.

On a private island near Waterford City, Waterford Castle accommodates both large and small weddings. The 16th century castle is easy to reach by ferry. With opulent surroundings and the convenience of home, this castle’s exquisite surroundings make it the ideal getaway for the quaint, elegant wedding party experience.

The magical beauty of Crom Castle’s classy interior is perfectly matched to its breathtaking, exterior scenery. The castle is more than 350-years old and it is situated in the Lake District. Providing accommodations for 12 to 80 guests, the Crom Castle offers self-service and full-service options, catering to the creativity of the wedding planner.

Lisheen Castle is the ultimate in comforting accommodations. The castle, with seven bedrooms, spectacular views, and rooftop access, is certainly worth considering for that special wedding day. With soaring ceilings, the elegant interior gives guests the comfort of home while catering to every need for formal and informal events.

Whether you are looking for modern, contemporary luxury or old-world charm, Ireland’s castles fit the bill. With majestic landscapes and elegant interiors, the scenery is just right for your wedding day. Accommodating special requests, cooks give Irish and modern-day dishes for brides and grooms looking for a magical, enchanting castle wedding.