Ireland is a romantic destination, known for luxurious spas and breathtaking views. There’s also plenty of adventure to spice up a honeymoon. From blo-karting to cliff diving, newly-wed couples are sure to find exciting activities to make the stay a memorable one.

Blo-karting is all the rage in Ireland with people of all ages coasting along in the 3-wheel recreational vehicles. A blo-kart is a kart with a sail that is powered by the wind. Honeymooners should give it a try for fun in the sun, along Ireland’s beautiful beaches or recreational grounds.

Coasteering amid Ireland’s scenic waterways is one way to dip into the tide currents. Coasteering involves moving around rocky coastline areas by swimming or walking. Discover the thrill of traversing through caves, scrambling over rocks, and moving along the water’s edge to explore the coastal area.

Enjoy a romantic evening kayaking, paddling during the sunset through Ireland’s lake reserves, lit by bioluminescent planktons. Relax in the sparkling, glow-in-the-dark West Cork, Island waters or see the enchanting Killarney Lakes. Kayaking gives newlyweds time alone to bask in the scenery and wildlife. Be sure to dress warm. Ireland summer temperatures drop at night.

If you are an extreme sports enthusiasts, Ireland’s mountain edges are high enough for cliff jumping. Crowds gather in Galeway, Ireland to flip, dive, and jump off Salthill Promenade’s pier into the picturesque waters. Choose a sunny day to head for the hills, and enjoy the thrilling rush of adrenaline that comes with cliff diving.

Ireland’s rich, natural beauty and landscapes, make it the go-to destination for newly-weds from all over the world. Take advantage of it’s diverse activities to have fun in the midst of the infinite beauty. Whether you blow in the wind while coasting across sand dunes, or dip in the enchanting waters, the memories will last a lifetime.