Ireland’s Government Cracks Down on Unlicensed Slots

Installing slot machines in Ireland is not as easy as it used to be. The government is cracking down on establishments operating without a licence. With a small number licences available for casinos, would-be owners must follow established procedures to obtain one that is specific to the gaming enterprise.

According to the Gaming, Lotteries Act, owners are required to obtain a permit to install slot machines. Along with standard fees, the applicant must have a certificate that indicates proof of tax clearance.

Prior to applying for a licence, the applicant is required to have a personal fitness certificate. Owners who are in Ireland may apply for these certificates with the police force. Applicants outside of Ireland, must apply to the Justice and Equality department. Once the fitness certificate is obtained, a licence for games Euro Palace android app with low stakes may be approved by Revenue Commissioners. This licence allows for a small number of gaming activities in amusement establishments. Casino games are restricted. Lottery games are limited to Ireland’s national lottery.

In 2013, the government identified 20,000 unlicensed gambling establishments in Ireland. it was the start of major reform, as gaming associations called for greater controls. The government developed a general framework which is the basis for the 2018 bill that promotes fairness and protects children from gambling. The bill calls for broader oversight, including a regulatory body that will be responsible for inspections and enforcement.

The new rules will also regulate sponsorships and advertising to implement a socially responsible law that curbs the rising tide of crime that crops up from an unregulated gambling.

It’s a new direction for the government plagued with consumer complaints and rough waters to navigate. With this bill, consumer protection is a vital concern, as the Irish government works to proactively combat illegal activity.