New Campaign Targets Passengers Who Drink Excessively

A new campaign aims to keep travellers sober while flying. Airlines, airports, and retailers have come together to promote an awareness campaign that focuses on responsible drinking.

The campaign, called ‘One Too Many,’ reminds passengers of the risks of over drinking while travelling on an airplane. Travellers can be denied access to the plane, removed from the plane, and receive fines or prison time. More serious incidents on a plane can be pricey. Airlines assess fees of £80,000, if a plane is diverted because of an unruly, drunken passenger.

UK Aviation Minister Baroness Sugg partnered with 10 airports and other stakeholders to promote the campaign on screens, retail notices, and sales areas. Organisers hope a strong social media presence, scheduled to begin on Facebook and Instagram, will reach travellers coming into and out of the UK.

The campaign introduces information from the industry’s best practices for disorderly passengers. It’s the first campaign of its kind that targets heavy drinkers in the UK, bringing together operators, retail stores, and transportation associations to ensure that travel to the UK is safe and pleasant. Similar initiatives that encourage responsible drinking are in place by individual pub owners and airports, but this campaign brings all the interested parties together to prevent the problems that arise from excessive drinking while travelling.

Unruly passengers are rare, but can ruin the flight experience for everyone on the plane, according to Sugg. “One Too Many’ is a reminder that there are penalties for reckless drinking. According to the IATA, there is one disorderly passenger on every 1,454 flights. In 33 percent of these incidents, intoxication was the cause. Disorderly passengers threaten the safety of everyone on the plane, with some incidents of violence and aggression reported.

‘One Too Many’ is a proactive attempt to curb such incidents in the UK, with participants hoping travellers will remember to drink responsibly.