Polish Mountaineer Skis Down World’s Deadliest Mountain

A mountaineer from Poland is the first person to ski down the second tallest mountain in the world, called K2. Andrzej Bargiel carried out the amazing feat July 22, as he completed his descent to the base camp of the mountain. The climber and mountain runner made a different attempt to ski down K2 in 2017, but aborted the plan after facing dangerous conditions.

Bargiel’s amazing accomplishment is an inspiration to other climbers who have also tried to scale and ski down K2, and other mountains that are hard to traverse. According to Red Bull, only 417 people have made it to the K2’s summit, and a quarter of those who’ve tried died while attempting. Avalanche and rock fall risks keep most skiers off K2. It is known as one of the deadliest mountains in existence.

Born in 1988, Bargiel competes in extreme mountain events around the world, including the European Championship of Ski Mountaineering, where he placed 8th in 2009, as part of a relay team. In the past, Bargiel has skied down Broad Peak, which has a height of 26, 296 feet. He’s won numerous awards. As of publication, Bargiel is the record holder for the Elbrus race, a sky running competition on Mount Elbrus, Europe’s highest mountain.

Although he travelled with a team of five mountaineers from Poland, his partner felt ill the day of the climb. Relying on his experience, Bargiel made the lone ascent. It took eight hours to ski down, including a one-hour break to wait on better weather.

Bargiel successfully completed this attempt, after taking four different routes in the descent. The K2 mountain is located at the border between China and Pakistan. It’s height reaches 8,848 metres.

Video clips of Bargiel’s incredible, historic ascent and descent of K2 Mountain are available online.